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Here you can find our take on different types of process.  We are working on providing solid examples of operation management monitoring systems for common production models Job shop, Process continuous, process batch etc.  These internal solution are build from the ground up and are often reused in our project deployments.  Most of the podcasts found in the "" are presentation of a function from one of our base solutions.  These solutions are alive and evolve with new technologies.  Contact us through our contact page to get access to our member space.

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Shawinigan Coffee Co

Our Shawinigan Coffee Co shop covers a lot of ground.  This solution handles production scheduling, batch execution and process monitory at roasting and repetitive process at packaging line while tracking equipment efficiency, quality and genealogy.  It also interfaces with an ERP system to collect masters data and issue material movements and production order confirmation 

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GranD-Mere Bicycle MFG

This Shop covers a different type of process. The Grand-Mere Bicycle MFG showcases a solution for job shops and assembly shops with operations performed by external partners.  A lot of manual handling of goods exists within this plant The plant structure is composed of a welding shop, a wheelsmith shop, a machine shop, an assembly line, a QA lab and a packaging line

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Shawinigan Chemicals LIMITED

The Shawinigan Chemicals Limited produces sodium chlorate, an industrial salt produced from water and sodium chloride (Brine) in a reaction with electricity.  This s a continuous process where brine loops though electrolysis cells to produce chlorate and other by products.  Chlorate is crystallized and extracted from the solution thickened, dried and stored in silos.