ROB-Ex Reporter

We worked on a set of reporting capabilities extract more value from the ROB-Ex scheduler. This visualization tool helps users with the following:

  • Snapshot comparison tool which works with our snapshot model

  • KPI dashboad

  • Reports

This project will likely be merged and expanded in our Squid project

The Squid project takes shape

Our team is working on a manufacturing data presentation font end. It now connects to OSISoft and it will soon connect to the GE suite of applications and ROB-Ex. The HTML5 application lets users compose and save books and pages from a list of available widgets.

Francois Bergeron
Eagle Eye trending tool

The Eagle Eye project is a Symasol initiative to offer a trending application that would present data from any data source.  In this first iteration, two connectors were build; GE Proficy Historian and GE Proficy Plant Applications.   An introduction podcast can be found here

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Our ROB-EX scheduler podcast is available in french and english

The ROB-EX scheduler is a great solution to cope with unexpected events that stress production order fulfilment like unplanned downtimes or rush customer orders.  We have created an introduction podcast that can be viewed here:

We would be glad yo hear from you wether to share ideas, propose a subject for a future post or anything else don't hesitate to use one of teh comment form or send us an email!


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GE Minds and Machines

Awesome three days spent at the GE Minds and Machines in San Francisco.  We come back with our heads full of ideas and the confirmation that GE is still leading the pack with their solutions.  They have a complete and strong offer covering asset management, data analytics and manufacturing execution system. 

Francois Bergeron