Who we are

Symasol is an industrial IT company who specializes in the integration of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).  We delivered international projects in manufacturing spaces such as Chemicals, CPG, Assembly and Rolled Products just to name a few.

What is MES

Manufacturing Execution Systems is the application that connects unrelated operational data coming from various sources.  The MES adds context to data giving the manufacturers meaningful information readily formatted needing no further processing.  With a MES you can expect:

  • Integration with your ERP system
  • Traceability from raw materials to finished goods
  • Process and quality information for every step of the production
  • Alarming on process and quality parameter deviation
  • Efficiency information (losses, throughput and equipment availability)
  • Interactive electronic work instructions
  • Plant and corporate wide visibility from dashboard and reports
  • Production scheduling

As an example, the MES would link a process order coming down from the ERP with operational events like batches and batch phases, equipment stops and alarms triggered from the time series provided by the control system.  It would also link control system generated process data to the operational events as well as tying operational events together (genealogy).  The MES adds value to the data collected with the use of comments, reasons and manual inputs.  Interactive work instructions guide the MES user by providing the appropriate tasks (samples, incident report, equipment setup etc.)  depending on the production workflow step and operation conditions.

Our services

At Symasol, we use our customers’ operational expertise to turn process data into information. Our team is composed of highly skilled specialists dedicated to results.




Big or small, our solutions will blend in you existing eco system.  We integrate our functions with your existing assets in order to provide a complete solution adapted to your needs.  Login to out member space to view our demo solutions (In construction)

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Some customers come to us with the idea of integrating a full blown MES system with all the bells and whistles.  This is a great idea as long as the business drivers that back this initiative exist because as kind of projects require substantial investments in both man hours and budget. 

Not all customers are ready for such a leap and we understand this, more so, customers that approach us often own or more solid point solutions that lack integration which limits further plant information initiative and that is the reason why we started the development of our own factory data client solution.  Instead reinventing the with a custom application, we built a generic but flexible solution; Eagle Eye  

Eagle Eye Project

Our goal with this application is to bring to customers a visualisation solution that can connect and present data from various sources with minimal configuration or development.  Doing so, we aim at supporting our customers to extract benefits from the information systems they already own.  You register to our extra content section for view the actual solution and development roadmap